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iPad OS 9.3 Information

iPad operating system 9.3 has been made available for download. This OS has been thoroughly beta tested over the past few months. There is no reason to not update your iPad to this OS at this time.

As with many OS updates, various security issues have been addressed in the update. The biggest feature change that you can use is called Night Shift. This will automatically change the screen brightness and coloration based on time and room lighting.

One update you may have heard about is the introduction of Apple’s Classroom application and new educational features. The application is available for download but you will not be able to use it because our devices are not currently enrolled in a mobile device management system.

To update your OS, first make sure that you have a recent backup. Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup to check and/or back up your device. Then go to Settings. Select General on the left and then Software Update on the  right.

For students: loaner iPads transitioning to the new operating system. Feel free to update your OS now. Even if you don’t update your OS, it appears that a device on 9.3 can restore from a 9.2 backup. In simple terms, if your iPad is on OS 9.2 or later, you can get a loaner that you can back up without a problem.

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