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GradeCam for Student Elections

We have a new way to use GradeCam: Student Elections!!! A group of students wants to hold a mock presidential election and this created the problem of how we might do this anonymously through GradeCam.

The way I did this was based off a suggestion from Donna Fairhurst @GradeCam. I created a GradeCam upload csv that created 999 anonymous students. I placed them all in the same class and created a term called elections. My plan is that we can use this class going forward for future student elections. Here’s a link to copy my Google sheet that I used to create the upload. You will need to assign the students to a teacher and you can customize their IDs, periods, course names etc…

I did a combined import in the Admin > More > Imports area. This made it easy to have all of the anonymous students already in one class.

Once that was done, I switched back to my teacher role and created an assignment that would generate my ballot. I chose the Rubric type question because this seemed to generate the easiest way to count the votes. Playing around with the way that different types of questions work might yield better ways of getting your results.

We plan to print out as many ballots as we need and then pass them out in no particular order when students come to vote.

Happy GradeCamming!

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