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Hack a Free iPad Document Camera/Scanner Platform


This hack of a couple of pieces of school equipment took less than 15 minutes. Most of that time was figuring out what was the best place to attach the two parts together.

I went to our Science Department Chair and asked for a ring stand and a clamp. They have a bunch of extra ones of these laying around so that was free.

Next, I needed a flat place to balance the iPad on without it falling off or tipping the stand over. The clamp didn’t work to hold the iPad. It wouldn’t stay horizontal and the more I tightened it, the more I thought it was going to break the glass. I went to our tech locker and found a projector mount. Turns out that we don’t purchase this type of projector anymore so we are just collecting these mounts as we replace technology. So that was free too.

I removed all of the screws from the mount. I took the clamp portion off of the ring stand clamp. I found the right combo of brackets and screws that worked to screw the projector mount to the clamp holder and then tighten that on the stand.

IMG_0878 IMG_0879IMG_0877

I will probably see if a clamp would be a useful addition to keep the iPad steady, but for now, I have a document camera if I am projecting my iPad. More importantly, I have a stable platform to use for using GradeCam to scan in my student’s assessments.


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