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Sending GradeCam’s Student Portal Logins to Students

Our school has been using GradeCam since January 2015. GradeCam allows teachers to score assessments easily using the camera on their computer or device and then analyze their data. We are also utilizing the Student Portal part of their product. This allows students to view turned in assessments and also to take assessments on their device. This is an incredible product: teachers don’t have to use paper to hand back assessments, students never lose their score sheets, and progress can easily be tracked over time. There is one problem, however…

There is currently only one way for students to receive their access to the student portal. A teacher has to either print out the access codes and pass them out, project them to everyone (never a good idea), or individually copy the information and send it out to the student. Currently, administrators of the platform do not have access to all of the student’s access codes. I look forward to the day when GradeCam makes it easier to send this information to students. In the meantime, here’s a Google Docs solution that automates the process.

When in the teacher portal, you can copy all of the students’ login information. The problem is that when you paste it into a sheet, it is not formatted in a useful way and instead pastes only in one column. I put together a series of Google scripts that work with the sheet to properly format and then send out that information directly to a student’s email. The scripts first reformat the information, then grab the student’s email, and finally send out an email with instructions.

Here is a copy of the base Google Sheet with the menu items already constructed. One thing you will have to do as an administrator is to input all of your student’s names and emails into the nameAndID sheet so that the sheet can reference those to grab the student’s emails (GradeCam administrators should have access to this information from your uploads to GradeCam). You will also want to go into the scripts (Script Editor in the Tools menu) to change any information specific to your school like the person to contact for help. I have hard coded the instructions into the script and you might want to change those.

I’m pretty sure my code could be both more efficient and better documented so apologies if you find this useful but can’t understand what I have done. Contact me if you need more help or if something doesn’t make sense or work.

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